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Process + Fees

Your own 4-legged mutt or mitten is just 8 steps away.

Here are the adoption steps we’ve outlined to ensure your relationship with your new BFF is one that will last a lifetime.

1 Reach out to us

2 Carefully (very carefully!) consider your choice

3 Fill out an application form

4 Have a face-to-face play date at Mutts & Mittens

5 Come back for more visits, and get to know each other better

6 Welcome your chosen dog or cat for a first home visit

7 Trial your new friendship for 2 weeks to a month

8 Confirm adoption

9 Training sessions (if required, a fee applies)


A small price for big love. Fee inclusive of sterilisation, microchip, vaccination. Training with a dog trainer will be recommended if required, charges are applicable.





Dogs care about praise – that’s why we train with positive reinforcement

Remember how happy you were whenever you got a gold star sticker in school? Didn’t it motivate you to do even better the next time? Dogs are the same! Except they don’t care for gold stars, but lots of love and treats. We always reward good behaviour, ignoring bad behaviour. We’re never harsh, and show nothing but love.

Training doesn’t always make for perfect animals, however, which is why we look for friends who embrace the beauty of imperfection like us. You’re not just adopting a pet, you’re helping us continue the journey of a rescued soul.

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