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Frequently Barked Questions

What are the check-in & check-out times?

Check-ins are 10am to 12.30pm daily, and 1.30pm to 4.30pm for check-outs.

What are the transport options available?

You are welcome to bring your pets to us yourself. If required, we have a transport van for up to dogs at S$30 per way before GST. An additional charge of S$10 each applies from the 3rd dog onwards.

What should i bring for the boarding?

Feel free to bring along their favourite treats or toys, but try not to bring too much! There’s no need to bring water or food bowls and beds as we will provide them all. Rest assured your buddy will get sufficient attention, play and exercise time to keep them occupied.

What are the meal options available?

For now, we provide ANF Lamb & Rice kibbles, which contains chicken fat. Should your dog have any allergies, you are encouraged to bring along your pet’s preferred food.